As the lead for Eddy Mumbles Design Co. I provide a handful of design services outside of ui. "eddy Mumbles" is an outlet to work with my friends & work on interesting projects.

Local Posters

Client: Hi-Fi Native
Tools: Pen and Paper, Illustrator

Taken from the opening lyrics to the opening track of the "Upside Eternal" album by Alert312. I created a pair sister posters to show the conflicted feelings MC Boogaloo has about Chicago.

I also used the first of these two designs in collaboration with JustPorter bags as part of their artist's series.



We Buy Gold

Client: Playdough and Sean Patrick
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop

Artwork for this cover was created using some trial and error with different hand drawn mediums to find the right level of gritty. In the end, straight pencil and paper did the trick. The illustrations were scanned and manipulated in Photoshop and Illustrator. Additional artwork was created for the collaboration with Wooden Boombox.


Wooden Boombox

Client: Wooden Boombox
Tools: Illustrator

Through Playdough and Sean Patrick, I had the chance to work with @woodenboombox and create some really nice products that featured the artwork I had created for the “We Buy Gold” album art.

One front design was made and three unique back design were made that featured content from the record. Once the artwork was created I sent the digital files over to be etched into high quality woods. The Wooden Boombox is assembled in America.


Refuge Student Ministry

Client: Refuge Student Ministry
Tools: Sharpie, Illustrator

T-Shirt design for Refuge Student Ministry out of Orange Park, Florida.


3Sixteen Decade Collection

Client: 3Sixteen
Tools: Pen and Paper, Illustrator, Photoshop

3sixteen is a male fashion brand, that specializes in hi-quality denim. 2013 marks their 10th year in business. As part of their internal year in review, I was asked to create a series of lettering pieces to commemorate their 10 year anniversary (Decade Collection) runs .